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Welcome to 2018: Message from Curt Allen
2018 is going to be a big year for the Windstream channel as we deliver on our commitment to create the best partner experience possible. Our channel team is keeping the momentum going and I’m proud to share some key, recent accomplishments.
  • We recently launched a monthly Performance Scorecard to show our partners exactly how we are performing against our objectives. Our quote intervals have dropped by 50% in the 4th quarter and our core network is performing consistently strong. We have had some amazing and specific responses from partners about how they are seeing the results of these efforts. 
  • We have serious power products and lead in the areas of network, SD-WAN, UCaaS and CCaaS. We just hit a customer milestone, with more than 500 mid-enterprise customers purchasing SD-WAN. Check out the release
  • We are excited about our recent $3.2 million dollar EPIC win with CDW (Avant Communications). Keep reading for all the details. 
  • We rounded out our sales leadership team bringing longtime veteran and respected channel leader, Eric Solomon on to lead the west. 
I will be leveraging my 14 years of master agency experience to lead and help shape Windstream’s channel program into the reckoning force I know you all want us to be. If you’re not already all in with our program, let’s talk. 2018 is going to be The Year, let’s make sure you’re ready.
Cash in the New Year
Big SPIFFs for 2018! 400% on OfficeSuite, 300% on SD-WAN and other strategic products. 100% on renewals and conversion. AND our 18 for 2018 kicker: $1,000 additional dollars for the first 18 qualifying deals in 2018.
CDW (Avant Communications) and Windstream Finish the Year Strong with $3.2M Deal

This Ohio-based horticulture and environmental service provider, one of the largest employee-owned companies, aims to deliver unmatched excellence in their client experience as they advance the green industry. They had an issue “rooted” in their legacy MPLS network that was making this key tenant of their mission statement a challenge to deliver on. Their existing network was causing bandwidth choked branch locations and prohibiting the ability to upgrade applications necessary to drive the day-to-day business.

It’s fitting that they turned to CDW, who they’ve had a longstanding relationship with, for help recommending a provider that could transform their network as professionally and expertly as they do for their clients’ landscaping. Windstream stepped in with a proven solution to meet that need by recommending a fully managed Concierge SD-WAN/Dynamic IP solution that provided much needed bandwidth and optimized connectivity across their 120 locations. In addition to solving the customer pain points, the Concierge service ensures that the customer can spend more time focusing on growing their business and less time managing their network. The $3.2 million deal was a high-touch, collaborative effort that netted $89k in MRR over a 3-year term.

“Windstream’s SD-WAN services met the client’s connectivity challenges and bandwidth requirements to provide a rock solid next-generation network solution, while unseating their previous provider’s long standing relationship with the client”.

-Timothy Andersen, Channel Manager, Windstream

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Fixed Wireless Selling Guide
Is Fixed Wireless part of your current sales strategy? With install intervals of 30 to 45 days, speeds up to 1G, and a minimal upfront investment, it should be! Don’t let lack of information prevent you from being a Fixed Wireless guru, download our Fixed Wireless Selling Guide to learn how Fixed Wireless can augment your sales strategy. Also, check out our Fixed Wireless product page to learn about the multiple ways that Fixed Wireless can support your customers’ network access and diversity needs.
We See Partnership Differently
Windstream is creating a Channel Program that partners are proud to be a part of. We’re committed to delivering a series of program improvements and initiatives to you, our partners, over the coming weeks and months to help you see Windstream differently.